Company Profile

Meat Trend, a subsidiary of GrainTrend Pty Ltd, is based in Sydney and was established in response to the large potential demand for meat products from Australia that came through the established marketing network of GrainTrend. Our aim is to ensure we establish and grow MeatTrend’s position as the preferred Australian supplier of beef products by leveraging the group’s resources to effectively support origination and customers’ requirements.

MeatTrend has initiated strategic alliances with processors located in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Our processors are accredited for the relevant markets, and have in house quality assurance systems and procedures in place, enabling MeatTrend to consistently supply export quality meat.

MeatTrend’s business model is built around an approach to ultimately procure livestock directly from farmers and feedlots throughout the East Coast of Australia, and process through plants in accordance to the requirements of its customers. This model ensures traceability and control on quality that MeatTrend would offer its customers by observing each stage of the process.

MeatTrend offers Quarter Carcases and a full range of Aus-Meat cuts, specific to the demand of the buyer, in both chilled and frozen containerised cargos.

The team at MeatTrend is well qualified and conversant with Meat and Livestock Australia, having firsthand experience at large feedlots in Western NSW. It has a direct relationship with chosen supply partners that are dedicated to the sourcing of livestock which are raised and monitored in a safe and natural environment.


Meat Trend为粮势公司( GrainTrend Pty Ltd)子公司,位于悉尼,专业从事出口澳大利亚肉类产品。十几年来我司在澳大利亚致力于农产品出口,与农场畜牧场和屠宰场建立了深厚牢靠的合作关系,在亚洲拥有广泛的销售渠道,为客户提供质量可靠价格公道的服务。





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